Help Rossana's Campaign Land a Home

Let’s face it, as much as we appreciate our volunteers generosity in opening their homes to launch canvassing, sign-making, phone-banking and more, you can only spend so long in your friend’s living room. 

Rossana's campaign is gaining steam. More volunteers are joining us. Our events are getting bigger. Sooner or later, we’ll need a campaign office to call home. Let's make it sooner!

With your help, we can sign a lease in October. We all know that the rent is too damn high, that’s why we’re in this campaign! So, help us gather the $10,000 we need to launch this office, so we can have a place to roll up our sleeves, share a cup of coffee, hit the streets and win this ward for the many.

Your donation and all your support is so needed and so appreciated. Soon, hopefully, the campaign can open its doors and you can come on down to talk with us at the office any day of the week!

Robert Quellos