Community Theater Artist, Teacher Running For 33rd Ward Alderman Against Deb Mell

(Block Club Chicago, Sep. 19, 2018) AVONDALE — Community organizer Rossana Rodriguez, who got her start leading protests in Puerto Rico, wants to be the next leader of the 33rd Ward.

Rodriguez said the focus of her campaign is “to fight for a strong diverse community where people are safe, healthy and their needs are met.” The ward needs more housing for low-income people, fully funded local public schools and protection for immigrants, she said.

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Robert Quellos
Is a Puerto Rican native running for Chicago alderman the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

(Chicago Reader, July 19, 2018) Rossana Rodríguez-Sánchez is running in next year's election for City Council in Chicago, but her phone keeps blowing up over an election held almost 1,000 miles away. In New York City, there's a different working-class Latina with Puerto Rican roots running as a long-shot socialist candidate against an incumbent in the Democratic Party.

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Kenneth Barrios